Aura International Dance Festival

Am vergangenen Wochenende fand in Kaunas (Litauen) das Aura International Dance Festival statt. Rolf Dennemann war mit seinem Bewegungssolo „Mondnacht“ zu dieser Veranstaltung eingeladen.

Hier nun weitere Infos über das Festival:
1989 is the year when the International Festival of Modern Dance was organized for the first time. In 2011 the festival was renamed to AURA International Dance Festival. The festival was born in Kaunas and became the town‘s meaningful tradition that encourages popularity of contemporary dance and enriches cultural life of Lithuania. Introducing the newest trends in contemporary dance and inviting to accept challenges this festival is educating the audiences and develops the understanding of contemporary dance. By inviting more and more established masters of dance from different foreign countries, the festival strengthens the image of Lithuania abroad thus encouraging intercultural exchanges.

AURA dance festival has already introduced plenty of famous choreographers and dance companies: Johannes Wieland, Compagnie Drift, Yossi Berg ir Oded Graf dance theatre, Virpi Pakhinen, Sylvio Dufrayer Dance company, Camea Dance Company, Tami Dance Company, Marcel Leemann Physical Dance theatre, Ben J. Riepe troup, Theatre “Manantiales“, Theatre “Tranvia“, Zawirowania Dance Theatre, Karel Vanek, A.lter S.essio, Ferenc Feher, Companie Thor, Anne Juren & Annie Dorsen, Niv Sheinfeld & Oren Laor, Nadar Rosano, Merav Cohen Reinan, Ofra Idel, Sasha Waltz&Guests and many others.

The performances are accompanied with workshops held by famous masters and all the participants of the festival are invited to take part in them. This event is a unique opportunity for its participants to exchange ideas and experiences of dance.

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